Old Bones & New Meat is a fantasy webcomic about two young wizard brothers named Alister & Edgar who are apprentices to an older wizard named Raleigh. They go on ridiculous magical adventures for hire and face the daily challenges brought on by the unusual world they live in.


The setting he lives in is a world in which most of the "technology" (food storage, transportation, lighting etc.) is run on magic and alchemy. There is no specific time period and the cultures of various fantasy races reflect various time periods in terms of aesthetics (ex. Gnomes have a very Rococo aesthetic). A lot of areas in this world, especially the country of Colendia have been recently devastated by a terrible wizarding war called "The Conjurer's War", in which many of settlements (including civilian settlements) were destroyed. A lot of the poorer areas in Colendia have been rebuilt using scrap metals and building scraps (see something like Fallout). Raleigh lives in an apartment in one of these poorer areas. 


-Typical fantasy races apply- Humans, Elves, Orcs, Gnomes, Halflings, Dwarfs, and Goblins.

*Note- Just to get rid of any confusion this may cause, in this comic both male and female Dwarfs have beards. For Dwarfs, having a beard isn't a male thing, it is a Dwarf thing.

-Other races-   
-Kaftar- Hyena-people 
-Gurtog- Dog-people 
-Corvus- Raven-people 
-Felinda- Cats with human intelligence & hands 

+Wizard Types-  D&D schools of Wizards (mostly)

-Abjuration- wizards that specialize in shield/protective spells, as well as spells that can take magic away from other wizards. 

-Divination- Wizards that specialize in revealing information about past, present or future. 

-Illusion- Wizards that create illusions (kinda self-explanatory, really) 

-Transmutation- Wizards that specialize in spells that can change matter physically. 

-Necromancy- Wizards that essentially work with the dead. Usually work with helping reluctant ghosts into the afterlife. 

-Evoker- Wizards that specialize in spells that use energy and create energy. 

-Biomancer- Wizards that specialize in healing spells. 


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